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Matplotlib suptitle prints over old title (2)

figure.suptitle returns a matplotlib.text.Text instance. You can save it and set the new title:

txt = fig.suptitle('A test title')
txt.set_text('A better title')

I am trying to use suptitle to print a title, and I want to occationally replace this title. Currently I am using:


where figure is a matplotlib figure (canvas1 is an mplCanvas, but that is not relevant) and title is a python string.

Currently, this works, except for the fact that when I run this code again later, it just prints the new text on top of the old, resulting in a gargeled, unreadable title.

How do you replace the old suptitle of a figure, instead of just printing over?



Resurrecting this old thread because I recently ran into this. There is a references to the Text object returned by the original setting of suptitle in figure.texts. You can use this to change the original until this is fixed in matplotlib.