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Captcha for Joomla Administrator Login Panel (2)

I am facing problem from last two days. I need Captcha for Joomla Admin panel. There are many plugins available but no on is working joomla admin panel. Please help me out.How i can do this?

Regards, Manpreet Singh

As you say there are no plugins for /administrator login.

If you wanted to write one you have to create a system plugin and a login component.

To catch the login a system plugin for either the onAfterRoute or onAfterDispatch would be need to adjust the destination to point to your own version of the /adminstrator version ofcom_login.

Then create a new com_mylogin - you could easily adapt the com_login component to do what you want.

Having said all of that why do you need a captcha - it's rarely effective if someone is determined. Captcha is only really useful against not very bright bots.

There are lots you can do:

I know quite a bit of time has elapsed, but I hope I can provide a helpful contribution to anyone else looking for the same solution.

I would suggest looking into using the excellent Admin Tools extension from and in particular the "two factor" authentication facility. This adds another level of security by requiring a key provided by a google app from a smartphone. I know this isn't a captcha facility, but it might be a better solution to protect the Joomla backend.

Hope that helps.