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In MVC4 RC's Web-api, I had a Get action defined like before:

public IQueryable<Person> Get()
        var lst = ctx.GetListFromDB();
        return lst.AsQueryable();

When it was I was running it before if I called a url like: /api/people?$inlinecount=allpages&$format=json&$top=50&$filter=(State+eq+'AL'+and+Zip+eq+'35242')

It would do the filtering on the objects, has something changed since the beta that would break this?

How can I return IQueyrable DTO from Webapi Get so I can use Odata filters

It does work in RC but perhaps not in RTM when it ships - not quite clear yet.

Your problem is that you are disposing your context since you are using a using block. So context get disposed before the data is retrieved.

So instead of using register your object for disposal at the end of request. Tugberk has a post here.

You have to put the [Queryable] attribute on the method to allow filtering. The release notes describing the change are here.

Update: In RTM they seem to have separated this feature into its own assembly so you have to include a reference to the ASP.NET Web API OData assembly from Microsoft. You can find the latest version on Nuget

Update: In the latest version the Queryable attribute have been renamed to EnableQuery. For more information about changes see