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No java project option in eclipse (5)

I had the same issue and was able to resolve it in deleting the entire ~/.eclipse directory along with everything in the workspace of eclipse. When I started eclipse after this, it was again possible to add java projects.

There may well be a very simple answer to this but having googled for an hour, I am resorting to asking here.

I am simply trying to install eclipse Indigo(3.7.2) on Ubuntu 12.04 and get it to let me make a java application.

I have used:

sudo apt-get install eclipse

to get eclipse, which also installs the jdt package needed for making java projects.

However, when I navigate to new -> project, I am not given the option of a java project wizard (see screenshot).

Anyone know how to fix this?

EDIT: Dowloading the .tar.gz myself and unpacking it seems to have worked fine. I'm not sure why apt-get didn't work.

I had the same problem and found out it was because I had installed another version of eclipse which I had downloaded manually. I simply removed the package again ("sudo apt-get remove eclipse") and deleted everything concerning eclipse:

  • ~/.eclipse
  • ~/workspace
  • everything that showed up on "whereis eclipse"

and then reinstalled it using "sudo apt-get install eclipse". Worked fine for me.

Make sure that the JDK is installed. sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk

also make sure that the installer is up to date : sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade

You have another option. Try downloading eclipse from the Eclipse website www.eclipse.org

download the appropriate version for your machine and try running it from the command line directly yourDownloadPath/eclipse

  • Don't forget to add the executable permission(chmod +x) if necessary

Good luck.

Same as @thiagowfx answered, just need to add * in last commant

sudo apt-get remove eclipse*
sudo apt-get purge eclipse*
rm -r ~/.eclipse*
rm -r workspace*

Then install the eclipse

sudo apt-get install eclipse

these both commands completely solved the problem for me:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall eclipse-jdt

sudo apt-get update