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Does Microsoft Jet DB work with Entity Framework? (6)

In this forum here , someone mentions that Entity Framework does not work with Access (Jet DB - .mdb). However it seems that there is a provider for Jet DB as described here

Which makes me think that the only thing I need with Entity Framework is to define the follwing before I define the models:

    <add name="ProductContext"
         connectionString="Source=C:\mydatabase.mdb;Jet OLEDB:Database

Does anyone know if Entity Framework works fine with Jet DB, I want to make sure it does before I start since my design document depends on this fact.


Entity Framework does not support OLEDB connections, so your connection string will not work. It is practically impossible to get Entity Framework to collaborate with MS Access. You will either need to dump the MS Access part of your design, or the Entity Framework part.

The closest you could get using MS Access is using strongly typed datasets and Linq-to-DataSet

Or, considering going with SQL Express instead (it's free)

We use Dapper as our ORM with repositories when working with MS Access. It's fantastic.

Free database for Entity Framework in WPF MVVM

In microsoft world, you can use :

  • Sql Server Express
    • 10Gb per DB size limitation
  • Sql Local DB, which is the replacement for Sql Server User Instance. It's part of Sql Server Express.
    • 10Gb per DB size limitation
  • Sql Compact
    • 4Gb per DB size limitation

As it's Microsoft products, you will have less probability of issues.

My preference goes to Sql Compact because of its low binaries footprint. There are however some limitation (ntext not supported very well), at least in the version I used some years ago.

Good to know, Access database are not supported. While Access has not a good reputation, for local app it make senses.

Outside Microsoft World, SqlLite has a good reputation.