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The Cmd + O only allow you to search for method in the current opened file, are there any easy method to search for method in your project?

CTRL+H, You can see Search For box, select Method. In Scope, select Enclosing projects.

1. I always prefer Ctrl + F to find methods, variable etc...........

2. This also gives the functionality to replace one or all the names with the one you want to...

3. Ctrl+H is also very helpful for finding method, variables, package,etc....

Use Ctrl+Gto search for declarations of the method your cursor is currently sitting on, as opposed to the Shift+Ctrl+G mentioned by user1071979 which shows all references to method. kshen mentioned Ctrl+H which will give you greatest flexibility - though giving you a dialog box to fill out to go further.

  • F3 - open declaration
  • Ctrl+H - open additional search dialog
  • Ctrl+Shift+G -search references in workspace