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The Cmd + O only allow you to search for method in the current opened file, are there any easy method to search for method in your project?


  • F3 - open declaration
  • Ctrl+H - open additional search dialog
  • Ctrl+Shift+G -search references in workspace

Use Ctrl+Gto search for declarations of the method your cursor is currently sitting on, as opposed to the Shift+Ctrl+G mentioned by user1071979 which shows all references to method. kshen mentioned Ctrl+H which will give you greatest flexibility - though giving you a dialog box to fill out to go further.

1. I always prefer Ctrl + F to find methods, variable etc...........

2. This also gives the functionality to replace one or all the names with the one you want to...

3. Ctrl+H is also very helpful for finding method, variables, package,etc....

Use "Java Search" in the search menu or move the caret on the function name in the source and press Ctrl+Shift+G (-> search for reference in Workspace).

[EDIT] If you don't know in which class the function is, then use the text search (which is called "File search"). Enter the name in the search field and then limit the search to "*.java" files.

The answer by Paul worked for me partially. I still had one error then. So, in addition to that, I also had to go to Properties-> Project Facets and there set the Java version from 1.5 to 1.6.

Maybe that helps.

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