warning - unmappable character(0x9d) for encoding windows-1252

Jenkins build fails at compile with “unmappable character for encoding ASCII” (2)

As discovered correctly by Philippe Bossu it wasn't an issue with svn or eclipse after all but a maven setting. No idea, why it built locally but appearently you have to set the maven compiler plugin encoding:


I have a .java file that contains UTF-8 characters. So I told eclipse to use UTF-8 encoding for its .java files. When trying to build it via Jenkins it fails however with

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Compilation failure

.../... unmappable character for encoding ASCII

When browsing to my svn repository I notice that the special characters are encoded using weird signs. Is there a way to get those characters into my repository correctly? Do I have to tell my svn repository to use UTF-8 somehow. Or my subclipse plugin..?


Updated my question to help others locate the problem.