c++ - value - Address of the pointed element whatever the iterator type/pointer is passed

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What would be the most generic syntax for the following function :

template<IteratorType> void myFunction(const IteratorType& myIterator)
    _ptr = &myIterator[0];

It take an iterator myIterator (it can be a raw pointer) and the goal is to assign the address of the object pointed by myIterator to a raw pointer _ptr. Currently I use &myIterator[0] but I realized that only random access iterators have the operator [].

So is there a syntax that will work with all type of standard iterators and pointers ?

According to standard * operator return a reference so in my opinion the best way is &*myIterator, but since the class may overloaded the & operator the best way is std::addressof(*myIterator) that work for all classes

All iterators are required to have operator * (24.2.2:2), so you can write

_ptr = &*myIterator;

However, this is not valid for output iterators, where *r is only valid on the left hand side of an assignment operation (24.2.4:2).

Also note that it is not necessarily true that *r will provide a value that & can sensibly be applied to; the specialization std::vector<bool> (23.3.7) has a reference type that is not bool &, for example. In your case the assignment _ptr = &*myIterator would catch this, assuming that _ptr is an appropriate pointer type, and you would get a compile failure.