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custom ribbon not appearing in outlook when when running a build in vs (4)


I used this link on MSDN to fix the error. Simply says that you need to set the RibbonType property for which occurrences you want the ribbon visible/usable.

I followed this tutorial, but when I build then run my project in visual studio a ribbon tab does not appear. I'm using outlook 2010 if that helps.

If previously you run the solution resulting in an error, an office application may still run hidden and prevent showing the Add-In. Stop VisualStudio, check taskmanager for orphan Office processes, kill these.

This can also happen if your code previously used the Ribbon XML mechanism before switching to the Ribbon Designer mechanism, and you have inadvertently left a CreateRibbonExtensibilityObject override in place:

protected override Microsoft.Office.Core.IRibbonExtensibility CreateRibbonExtensibilityObject()
  return new MyRibbon(); 

Once you remove this override, your Ribbon Designer customizations will load as expected.

Turns out you need to set the ribbontype property to Microsoft.Outlook.Explorer for it to show up. This is not the default value for that field, and no msdn tutorial seems to tell you to make that change.