array - python find values within a range

Finding range of a numpy array elements (2)

This is a very simple question:

I have a numpy array of 94 x 155:

a = [1  2  20  68  210  290..
     2  33 34  55  230  340..
     .. .. ... .. ... .....]

I want to calculate the range of each that I get 94 ranges in a result. I tried looking for numpy.range function, which I don't think exists. If this can be done through a loop then its also good.

For example: Like we have numpy.mean() function, in which, if we set the axis parameter as 1, then it returns the mean for each row in the Nd array..

Try this:

def range(x, axis=0):
    return np.max(x, axis=axis) - np.min(x, axis=axis)