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Mockito test a void method throws an exception (2)

I have a method with a void return type. It can also throw a number of exceptions so I'd like to test those exceptions being thrown. All attempts have failed with the same reason:

The method when(T) in the type Stubber is not applicable for the arguments (void)

Any ideas how I can get the method to throw a specified exception?

doThrow(new Exception()).when(mockedObject.methodReturningVoid(...));

If you ever wondered how to do it using the new BDD style of Mockito:

willThrow(new Exception()).given(mockedObject).methodReturningVoid(...));

The parentheses are badly placed. You must use

doThrow(new Exception()).when(mockedObject).methodReturningVoid(...);

and not

doThrow(new Exception()).when(mockedObject.methodReturningVoid(...));

This is explained in the documentation