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Is there any way to 'undo' the effects of a scaffold command in Rails?

rails [option] scaffold scaffold_name


g    generate
d    destroy

If you do

rails g  scaffold myFoo

Then reverse it back using

rails d scaffold MyFoo

Case 1: If you run only this command to generate scaffold -

rails generate scaffold MODEL_NAME FIELD_NAME:DATATYPE

Ex - rails generate scaffold User name:string address:text

but till now you did not run any command for migration like

rake db:migrate

then you should need to run only this command like -

rails destroy scaffold User name:string address:text

Case 2: If you already run(Scaffold and Migration) by below commands like -

rails generate scaffold User name:string address:text

rake db:migrate 

Then you should need to run first rollback migration command then destroy scaffold like below -

rake db:rollback

rails destroy scaffold User name:string address:text

So In this manner, we can undo scaffolding. Also we can use d for destroy and g for generate as a shortcut.

Any time you run rails g, you can reverse it by running rails d (destroy) to remove what you've generated. If you have already run rake db:migrate, you will need to run rake db:rollback before destroying :)

Best way is :

destroy rake db:  rake db:rollback

For Scaffold:

rails destroy scaffold Name_of_script

For generating scaffold in rails -

rails generate scaffold MODEL_GOES_HERE

For undo scaffold in rails -

rails destroy scaffold MODEL_GOES_HERE

If you just want to see the files a generator will create you can pass the generator --pretend or -p option.

Recommend rollback First ,type in your Terminal.

rake db:rollback

Add destroy scaffold (the 'd' stands for 'destroy')

rails d scaffold name_of_scaffold

Enjoy your code.

Rishav Rastogi is right, and with rails 3.0 or higher its:

rails generate scaffold ...
rails destroy scaffold ...

To generate scaffolding :

rails generate scaffold xyz

To revert scaffolding :

rails destroy scaffold xyz

To generate the scaffold:

rails generate scaffold abc

To revert this scaffold:

rails destroy scaffold abc

If you have run the migration for it just rollback

rake db:rollback STEP=1

Yes, the scaffold itself and all the things that amalgamate it.

The destroy command is the opposite of generate and will undo one. Just pass it the name the same way did with generate and it'll be scrubbed from your project:

rails generate scaffold posts title:string content:text
rails destroy scaffold posts title:string content:text

You can undo whatever you did with

rails generate xxx


rails destroy xxx

For example this applies generators to migration, scaffold, model...etc

provider another solution based on git

start a new project

rails new project_name
cd project_name

initialize git

git init
git commit -m "initial commit"

create a scaffold

rails g scaffold MyScaffold
rake db:migrate

rollback the scaffold

rake db:rollback
git reset --hard
git clean -f -d

use this

rails d scaffold MODEL_NAME

rake db:rollback

you need to rollback the migrations first by doing rake db:rollback if any And then destroy the scaffold by

rails d scaffold foo

rails d scaffold <scaffoldname>

Also, make sure you undo the migration you made either by rollback or to a particular version.