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library resolve to a path with no file (3)

I had similar issue with error ../google-play-services_lib resolve to a path with no file for project. It has to work in Jenkins CI (Cloudbees), so no manual editing.

My solution was to replace android update lib-project --path ... with ugly but working echo "android.library.reference.1=../../../..$ANDROID_HOME/extras/google/google_play_services/libproject/google-play-services_lib" >> in Jenkins shell command.

I'm having trouble building my project with Jenkins and referencing the Sherlock project library.

I can build the project with ant on my local system. The problem seems to be referencing the Sherlock library on the build server.

I pass an environment variable to ant with the relative path to the Sherlock library project:


I'm getting this error.

The following error occurred while executing this line:
../../buildlibraries/androidlibraries/sherlock/library resolve to a path with 
no file for project /Users/Jenkins/buildlibraries/androidlibraries/sherlock/library

I checked and a file does exist at that location.

It has these properties:

# Project target.

I had the same thing happen to me just now. I use both a Windows and Mac to develop with. I watne d to test my project on both platforms. It built just fine on my Windows machine, but broke on my Mac. When I looked at my in my Android application (not library projects) on the Mac, I saw that my library projects were referenced this way:


I changed it to the line below, and it worked just fine!


I solved the issue by editing and checking in the file with the same property: android.library.reference.1=../../buildlibraries/androidlibraries/sherlock/library

I'm not sure why it works. Why would ant care if the property is passed in by Jenkins vs. declared in the project's property file?

Now I have two paths in my file: one for a local build and one for the build on Jenkins.